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If you own or manage a business there's one thing that's certain, you're busy. You probably start early, work late and have sacrificed so many weekends that you lost count years ago. This is where The Little Virtual Assistant can help.


We are dedicated to providing executive-level professional support to businesses, small or large, so that whilst you make the decisions, we can help with all the leg work that enables those decisions to be made.


Whether it's scheduling and arranging meetings or managing invoices, expenses and budgets, we are there to assist executives and business owners in their aim to achieve maximum performance in what they do.


What do you get?

With a Virtual Assitant you don't just get the level of service you would expect from a PA or Executive Assistant, what you also get is complete flexibility.

  • A highly experienced Virtual Assistant able to take on as much or as little as you require in a professional, efficient, confidential manner.


  • A Virtual Assistant with an interest in your business and a desire to help you become more efficient and effective by taking on work that needs to be done, but not by you.


  • A cost-effective way to run your business.

The Little Virtual Assistant is all of the above and can provide an extensive range of services.


What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (or VA for short) is a self-employed professional offering executive personal assistant support to clients whilst based from a home-office. Taking care of the tasks that are important to you and your business, a Virtual Assistant works as much or as little as you require. The client pays simply for the time that is spent by the Virtual Assistant doing the tasks, with no need to worry about payroll, taxes, office space or coffee breaks!


As such, a Virtual Assistant tends to be more focused and efficient in the work they carry out, often able to complete the work of an employee’s 8-hour day in 3-4 hours and is an ideal solution for a small business, entrepreneur or large corporation.